October 1, 2009

BOA.... is BEING

Bold * Outrageous * Authentic

Building what's next * Opening to the possibilities
* AND Aligning your actions with what makes your HEART sing!

Are you...

  • Feeling stuck? In a rut?
  • Lost track of your dream? Or put it on hold?
  • In Transition and wondering WHAT'S NEXT?
  • FRUSTRATED with certan relationships? And you've tried everything?
  • TIRED of doing the same things & expecting different results? And it's not working?
  • READY to get MORE of what YOU really want?
  • So much would LOVE 2010 to be your BEST year yet?
Life is ALWAYS Better with a BOA! Unleashing the POWER Within

A fabulous 2 Day Retreat

Join me for the Life is ALWAYS Better with a BOA! Retreat. If your life is spinning out of control with little sense of direction or you life is stalled because you don't knw what action to take, this is a PERFECT opportunity for you. This retreat is guaranteed to advance your relationship with THE most important person in your life -- YOU!

Compelling reasons to give yourself the gift of the BOA Retreat:
  • Create richer ralationships (particularly the one with yourself) and transform less than perfect ones
  • Ready to step into unlimited personal power
  • Be a more positive force fr the important others in your life
  • Understand essential ME FIRST time & put it into your schedule
  • Discover the importance of what brings YOU vitality and how it effects EVERYTHING and EVERYONE
  • Get clear about what YOU want in your life & understand how t attract what is perfect for me and to release what is no longer perfect
  • And create a plan to get it!
  • Script a NEW STORY for YOUR Life -- Your 2010 BOA Life!
  • And just have more FUN!
What is the value of one SHIFT in your life that could change everything?

Life is ALWAYS Better with a BOA!

Unleashing the POWER Within Retreat

Enjoy 2 days of ME FIRST time for yourself. This event takes place on two separate Saturdays.

Saturday, February 6 and Saturday, February 27 2010


Saturday February 13 and Saturday March 6, 2010


from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm

Register soon -- Space is limited !

$249 (includes a light breakfast)

Space is limited to 8 participants -- reserve your place NOW!

Register Here:

Call 713 582 9551 or email patty@i-shiftnow.com

March 17, 2009

The Transformational BOA

I am always amazed at the reaction of women when a feather boa is placed around her shoulders!

It happened yet again today. I was working with a client of mine in creating a Strategic Attraction Plan. The plan is truly about who we are 'being' in the process of attracting. When we were working together, it seemed a bit of a stretch to get to that 'being' part. There was an air of seriousness in creating it (oh no! not that!)

So, a thought occured to me, and no surprise, I pulled a feather boa out of my bag. Purple, of course!

The look on her face was one of those 'priceless' moments. She was immediately All smiles, eyes bright, relaxed, moving around, and a bit thrilled (I don't think it was so much surprise)!

The one thing I so much is that IT WORKS EVERY TIME. When that boa goes around her shoulders, and right there before my eyes, she became about 10 years younger (I call it a non-surgical face lift), and so much happier.

So ladies, here's the thing. I am on a mission to have as many women as possible experience the 'BOA moment' in their lives. I believe if we can get enough BOAs draped around women, there WILL be world peace! Or at least more fun and happiness. Who could go for that?

Try it out -- and let me know!